ALPHETON HALL BARNS - Historic Wedding Venue


As a keen photographer myself, (my specialism and interest is actually wildlife not weddings) I sometimes or indeed often can be seen hiding behind a camera ever seeking that perfect photo. I do not contract to do this and merely do it for my own amusement and fun and I expect your professional photographer to tell me if I am in the way, (I don't have eyes in the back of my head) if they wish I am happy to assist them with my understanding of focal lengths, timing, light and sods law as they relate to the barns!  I am happy to let you and or your photographer have copies of any photos I take, as a thank you for you allowing me to do this.

By chance my interest has also saved the day twice, once following a photographers card failure and in another instance theft of equipment when off site. I am happy to let any photographer have a full set of any photographs I might take either in jpg or RAW (if requested within 7 days) and they may use these to the benefit of the bride without credit as to their origin. They only need to provide a usb flash drive (8Gb +). We also have a fairly extensive range of spares and equipment that can be lent in case of failure or breakage.

I am not a professional photographer and will not accept instructions to photograph your wedding for you. You should employ a professional photographer for that. Having a sound understanding of photography has however helped us in making the barns a photographers dream with new lighting installed to complement colour temperatures and loads of photo opportunities within the grounds both natural and contrived. This all serves to make the bride (grooms don't really matter that much) look better than her best.

We hope our brides will look after their professional photographer. It will be a long day for them and often quite stressful, they only have one chance to get it right. To that end we hope that they will be provided with food and refreshment at suitable intervals. In return we hope that they will realise that the wedding is about you the bride and that they need to work with and support the other suppliers such as, videographers, the person conducting the ceremony, the caterers and the band and vice versa, including perhaps the person trying to tie them all together?

We do find it concerning that a significant number of new photographers just turn up to shoot a wedding at the barns having never been here before. We would expect any competent photographer to wish to visit the barns prior to the day to scout out the opportunities that suit their style and to get an idea of lighting and appropriate lenses. We are happy to accommodate such visits and may even provide a glass of wine for visits after 4:00 6:00 pm.

Our check list for great wedding photographs: